About The Condo Canine Tray

Outdoor / Indoor Dog Potty to make your life easier…

Got a dog? Need a yard? Our Condo Canine Tray is the perfect answer!

This innovative potty makes clean-up a breeze! The patent pending drainage system with specially designed ridges and unique reservoir is unlike anything else on the market.

Clean-up couldn’t be easier! After your dog does his business, just scoop the poop from the canine grass and discard, just as you would do when walking your dog outdoors. Our exclusive Mini Pee Pads provide a no-mess way to clean up after your dog urinates. One 7″ × 5″ Mini Pee Pad fits in the reservoir of the Condo Canine Tray and includes unique crystals that turn into a gel to absorb liquids without leaving a mess.

At clean-up time, simply lift the non-leak Mini Pee Pad out of the tray reservoir using the Scoopies glove provided, turn the glove inside out over the pad, tie in a knot, then toss in the trash. Both the Mini Pee Pad and the Scoopies glove are 100% biodegradable to be environmentally friendly and your hands remain clean and dry!

Each Mini Pee Pad holds up to five ounces of liquid without leakage but if you prefer, paper towels or puppy pads can be placed in the tray to absorb liquids. Although a regular paper towel or other absorbent cloth in the reservoir will do the trick, once you see how easy and mess-free the Mini Pee Pads are to use, you’ll never want to be without them! Additional Mini Pee Pads are available on our Products page.

The 36″ × 24″ dimensions of the Condo Canine Tray give small-to-medium size dogs plenty of room to do their business! And the low 3″ height makes it easy for even the smallest dogs to use. The convenient size makes it perfect for road trips and boats, too.