About The Cosmopolitan Canine

The Cosmopolitan Canine is a family owned and operated business that started with a move from the suburbs back into the city. With all of our non-canine kids grown and out of the house, my husband and I decided to pack up our two dogs, sell the house, and move into a downtown high rise. At the time, we never realized that simply letting our dogs out into the backyard to do their “business” was a major luxury. After the move, and many nights and rainy days of countless elevator rides and sidewalk visits, I finally said to myself, there has GOT to be an easier way. Later, after creating the Penthouse Dog Potty for our family, my sister, daughter and I decided to help out other uptown pooches and owners who might be having the same problems we were. So in 2004, The Cosmopolitan Canine was created to do just that.