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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my dog get confused “going” in different locations (outside vs. Potty)?
A dog is always eager to please his owner, and with a little guidance and training, your dog should be receptive to going in his new Potty as well as where he is currently used to going. Dogs pick out their favorite spots whether it be in the park or on the patio.

2. Will my dog get adequate exercise if using the Potty?
A dog absolutely needs exercise every day and our Potty is in no way meant to be a substitute for taking your dog outside for daily walks. Exercise and socialization are highly important for every dog. Our Potty is for filling the gap when you just cannot take your dog outside right at a particular time.

3. Will germs or bacteria build up in the Potty?
After your dog has done his business, you must use a pooper scooper just as you would on your daily walks, only now you can conveniently flush it away. Periodically, depending on frequency of use, it’s best to rinse off the grass and use a disinfectant. The catch pan that collects the urine and rainwater will need to be emptied on an as needed basis. By following these simple recommendations, there shouldn’t be any waste sitting in the yard building up bacteria as there would be in a public place where a lot of dogs share a common area.

4. Will there be an odor from the Potty?
Maintenance is the key for odor control. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the Potty should stay fresh with no unpleasant odors. Think of it as your dog’s commode and “flush” it often. Rinsing with warm water and a disinfectant will also help. The drainage tray and catch pan are made of polyethylene so they are resistant to odors. The Potty is manufactured by the same company responsible for making the dog kennels at the Gulf Greyhound Park in Houston, which have to withstand considerable amounts of dog waste. If you wish to periodically freshen your yard, canine grass can be found on our order page.

5. How long will it take to get my dog used to going in the Potty?
Normally, with a little coaxing and patience, your dog should be happy to use the yard. But dog personalities differ and learning periods vary from dog to dog. A dog is usually very eager to please his owner, and training should not be difficult. To make the transition easier, you may want to remove the canine grass and replace it with real sod until your dog becomes accustomed to using the Potty. The grass can be removed and discarded once he is used to his new spot. Rinse and disinfect the tray and replace with the canine grass.

6. Is it true that you can be fined for not picking up dog waste in the city?
Yes it is! Most cities around the country have strict “pooper scooper laws” with severe fines for non-compliance. In the City of Houston, you can be fined up to $500 for not following this law. With the Potty you simply flush your dog’s waste away with no more worries of a fine!

7. How can home owners who have a backyard benefit from the Potty?
Suburbanites can take advantage of the Potty just as city slickers do. Placing the Potty in the garage (or spare room) will allow your dog to go during your long hours away from home. And on rainy days no more muddy paw prints!

8. Will there be any on-going expenses after my Potty purchase?
No! You will actually be saving money if you are currently using Pee-pee pads alone or the services of a dog walker. With our unique canine grass, there are no costly sod replacement expenses. You can replace the canine grass later if you want to freshen your yard, but it is not necessary.