Outdoor and Indoor Dog Potty Training is Easy!

Your Condo Canine Tray can be of great help in those situations when you just aren’t able to take your pet outside. Training your dog to use the dog potty is similar to when he was first housebroken. Puppies can start outdoor or indoor potty training on their first day in their new home. A little encouragement with treats and verbal praise will aid in this training. Soon the puppy will recognize his new place of business and because he is so eager to please, should adapt easily.

For dogs that are already trained to go on grass and may at first question indoor dog potty training, you can remove the Canine Grass and replace it with real grass and sod. Once your dog is accustomed to going in the dog potty, the real grass can be removed and they should fully accept the synthetic grass.

If your dog prefers using real grass, the sod should be replaced every week, depending on usage. The grass and sod can be purchased at your local nursery. The drainage system will work equally as well with real sod since it provides a method for liquid to drain through. If you follow this advice indoor potty training a dog should not be a problem.

Although your Condo Canine Tray offers you and your dog great convenience when nature calls, it is imperative your pet still has daily exercise. The dog potty is not meant to be a replacement for walking your dog. He still needs to exercise and socialize. But it is a nice alternative when the timing is just not right.

Soon your dog will know, this is the place to go!