Cosmopolitan Canine Dog Potty owners love their potties!

Mary, Ruckersville, VA, says:
“We received the Condo Canine Tray very promptly. Thanks for the great service! Madison says the potty is already proving to be great: it drains quickly, the grass does not hold moisture, and the collection bin with a pad soaks it right up. We are very happy!”

Lynda, San Diego, CA, new puppy owner says:
“I just wanted you to know how great your product is. I clean it once a week and it has no odor. My 14 week old puppy is almost perfectly potty trained. She went on it the first day I brought her home at 9 weeks. Thanks for your ingenuity.”

Alicia, San Pablo, CA, Bichon Frise owner says:
“I’m buying my second Cosmopolitan Canine product. I purchased the Condo Canine Tray a couple of years ago. Barbie, my Bichon Frise, took to it very quickly. I believe the synthetic grass really helped the transition. Before the Condo Canine Tray, I had purchased another product that relied on real sod. Barbie considered it her personal spa – she would lay on it, play on it, sleep on it – but never, ever potty on it! I’m tired of spending money on pee pads, so I’m trading up to the Penthouse Potty. Thanks for making great products!”

Here’s a super idea from Suzanne in Denver – She owns three Penthouse Potties and came up with this clever idea for clean up:
“This works great. I got a kitty litter plastic pan with a liner in it, added 2 inches of kitty litter and placed it under the center of the drip tray. I put the largest size nighttime, disposable baby diaper on the litter. Every morning I dispose of the diaper and place a fresh one in. I keep a sealed lined trash can for disposal. I live on the third floor and have a covered patio. We have two 14 lb. Havanese. If I ever forget to change the diaper the kitty litter catches it. It is a life saver!”

Another loyal Cosmopolitan Canine customer even came up with the unique idea of having her giant iguana use our potty! Now that’s using your imagination!

Craig, Houston, TX, owner of 2 pugs says:
“Your Penthouse Potty is ingenious and a lifesaver. The dogs love the convenience! We brag about the potty to everyone who comes over to our condo and sees it!”

Pam, Minneapolis, MN, mom of two Bulldogs, Ice and Frances says:
“…I wanted to let you know we got the Cosmopolitan Canine potty and we absolutely love it! Ice and Frances broke it in already! Both my husband and I are just really awestruck by how awesome it is. It is just perfect. Thank you so very, very much. It’s an extraordinary product and we really appreciate it.”

After owning her Penthouse Potty for six months, Pam wrote:
“We are so glad you quoted us on your testimonial page because you have no idea how much we continue to love your product! It has made all of our lives so much better. Thank you from all of us!”

Kim, Chattanooga , TN, owner of Lilly says:
“Your product looks first class – very well put together.”

Lisa, Shaker Heights , OH, parent of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel says:
“You are GREAT! My puppy is doing perfectly well on his new Penthouse Potty! Thank you so much for the absolute wonderful service. I am so happy that I found you.”

Joan, Martinez , CA, mom of her Chow Chow, Honey, says:
“I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a high quality, easy to maintain product. The Penthouse Potty has made my life so much easier. Honey, my precious 7 year old Chow Chow took to the potty very quickly. I am so thrilled with the potty that I am recommending it to all the dog owners in our condo association. Thank you for providing those of us without yards with a wonderful alternative for our dogs.”

Troy, Salem , OR, father to a boxer named Bella says:
“The potty works and this is a great product. You were honest and I got the product as you described and on time. Talking with you before the purchase gave me comfort in purchasing on-line.”

Jim and Jodel, Houston, TX, parents of a miniature Schnauzer named Verdl says:
“…Early in Verdl’s media career, she insisted upon compensation for any reproduction of her mug. However, with age she has become more circumspect and now lends her name & face freely to those causes she considers worthy. Since she is an unabashed supporter of the movement to provide each and every High-rise Hound with a “Penthouse Potty”, she has agreed that her likeness may be utilized at no cost to further the cause. And she graciously agreed to accept “Train-Me” Treats if offered. All of her friends are clamoring for details about the Penthouse Potty. Verdl was recently overheard remarking to a bucolic Bichon, “This is no ordinary outhouse! It even extends the lives of my ‘humans’…”

Patti, Cincinnati, OH, owner of Tweenie, a Yorkshire Terrier says:
“…The Cosmopolitan Canine looks so elegant! It adds a touch of class to my patio…”

Nick Peterson, Houston, TX, father of his beloved little Annie says:
“This product has made both of our lives so much easier! Keep on shinin’ baby!”

Kenecia, Ashburn, VA, owner of two Havanese puppies says:
“…I received my Penthouse Potty and my two dogs absolutely love it. I have had the dogs for just a week and had started house training them immediately on using sod. When the potty arrived, my husband set it up and they did their business immediately. I was so surprised because I thought it would take some time for them to adapt to the canine grass. Thank you sooo much for inventing this great product.”

Tara, Los Angeles, CA, owner of Ziggy, a French bulldog says:
“As for the potty box, it is basically Ziggy’s throne and he lays on it in the sun and plays with toys on it and is the king and ambassador of our building and street! Partly personality of breed and partly Ziggy. So he is loving it! All who see it are impressed with it, too!”